jCSML works everywhere! Try on a real ie7 browser, android, or an iPad / iPhone!


Imagine you could create complex animations that look the same on IE7+, Android, and iPhone/iPad. Now, imagine that it does not use Flash, SilverLight, SVG, or HTML5. Create professional quality jQuery animations and special effects that work on all major browsers and devices. Build the same animations found on this website using the FREE version of jCSML! Get started now!

News Updates

(11/13) Elite FX Version is now free.

(4/4/13) New Intro! I threw together a new intro logo today for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

(1/18/13) MAJOR UPDATE: jCSML Elite is now FREE for download. jCSML Elite is the FULL version of jCSML. It does not include the special effects graphics package that comes with Elite FX. If you need technical help with jCSML, feel free to write me directly at jcsml2012@gmail.com!

(6/10/12) jCSML Basic v1.9.2012 is the new version powering all of the animations found on www.jcsml.com.

(6/9/12) v1.9.2012 has been released. Contains several new fixes for IE7/8/FF 3.6, and several performance improvements for IE8.

(5/30/12) Animated Typeography is now live! Lots of new things to check out including the new store front that will grow over time.

(5/15/12) Check out the new Getting Started with jCSML video that was just released!

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Latest: v1.9.2012 (17k)